If you favor a wood-look floor, choose luxury vinyl tile or vinyl plank flooring that mimics hardwood. In addition to wood, luxury vinyl flooring imitates ceramic, concrete, and popular stones like slate, marble, granite, and travertine.

You can find a large selection of LVT and LVP flooring types, including textured planks and tiles, at RCI Flooring in Palm Harbor, FL.

Superior tactile qualities 'equal' a heightened authentic look

Embossed, or textured, luxury vinyl flooring feels and looks like the material it mimics. Embossing on LVP can be light to achieve a wire-brushed look or more pronounced to create a handscraped look.

The look of a smooth stone like granite is achieved with light embossing, while heavy embossing is used to create the rough texture of cleft stones like slate. 

Embossed in Register planks are the ‘best of the best’

Embossing is randomly applied to standard textured vinyl plank flooring. In contrast, Embossed in Register (EIR) planks show off embossing perfectly aligned with the wood grain pattern seen in the image.

Embossing, which creates ridges that are naturally found in wood, adds depth to the floor, and it also provides increased traction as well as improved slip resistance.

The surface layer determines the durability of luxury vinyl flooring

Whether you choose luxury vinyl with a smooth finish designed to resemble the look of polished wood or a textured finish, the transparent wear layer on the surface of this multi-layer floor covering determines its lifespan. Top-quality luxury vinyl flooring has a thick wear layer that protects the image layer under it for 25 years or more.

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