Laminate flooring is still in style

Laminate is still one of the best materials on the market to achieve that real wood look and feel. It’s a great choice for those busy households, because it has so many benefits, it almost takes care of itself. Once you take a closer look at this floor covering, you may find yourself wondering why you hadn’t thought of it sooner. RCI Flooring cares for your floors as if they were our own, and our history of customer satisfaction speaks for itself. We’ll find out exactly what your needs are, and then match you to the perfect flooring for your home. With a showroom located in Palm Harbor, FL, we service the areas of Palm Harbor, New Port Richey, Clearwater, Safety Harbor, and Tarpon Springs. We invite you to stop by to speak with a flooring specialist at your convenience, and give us the opportunity to help you.

Benefits of laminate flooring

When it comes to hard surface, wood look flooring, laminate is still a go-to material for many homeowners. It looks great with just about any décor and is super easy and quick to install. Thanks to a click and lock system, once the installation starts, it can proceed quickly, adding one board to the next. There’s no need for nails, staples or adhesives of any kind. If you’ve chosen thicker boards, it can sometimes help to even out areas of your flooring that may be a bit off, as it can be in some older homes. This material provides good durability, even in some of the most high traffic homes, and usually comes with a good manufacturer’s warranty as well. This is a great benefit for homes with children, lots of houseguests or pets. Let your flooring specialist know exactly what you’re looking for, to help narrow down the options as far as warranties go. If ease of maintenance is a concern, then worry no more. In most cases, all you’ll need to keep these floors looking like new for years to come, is a broom and a mop. Simply sweep or vacuum up any loose debris and follow up with a damp mop. If cleaning products are needed, such as is the case with bigger messes, be sure to refer to your manufacturer’s instructions as to which ones are best for your specific flooring. For further protection, ask your flooring specialist about the use of area rugs.

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